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It has to be a win, win relationship

Choosing a financial adviser is an important decision and not one that should be taken lightly. This is even more pertinent if you’ve reached retirement age or have already retired. If you make a mistake now, you may not have enough life left to recover any losses.

Our first meeting with you will be exploratory, and gives us a chance to find out about you, and you a chance to find out about us. At this stage neither party is committed to take matters further.

We will only offer our services to you if your situation meets two key criteria:

  • First, you must need our help. This may seem obvious but your circumstances must be sufficiently complex to mean that you require professional financial advice.
  • And second, it must be in your financial interest for us to help you. Financial advice is not cheap, so before we start working for you we need to ensure that you will benefit from our service.

It’s not until we’ve worked for you that you’ll appreciate the benefits of what we do, but some of the things you can expect from us include:

  • Fairness – we will also be open and honest in our dealings with you.
  • Transparency – we will disclose our fees and charges to you in advance. You will never unwittingly incur a fee for our services.
  • Simplicity (wherever possible) – we like to keep things simple and straightforward, and will endeavour to avoid complex financial products wherever possible.
  • Friendship – we genuinely care for our clients and their financial wellbeing. We will look to build a long term trusted relationship with you and your family.

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