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Sticking to what we believe

Investing client money is something we take a great deal of care with, so before we invest your money we will need to have identified your specific requirements, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

You’ll find more information about how we invest client money in our guide ‘Investment Philosophy and Process’ but some of the key points we would highlight are:

  • We will never take unnecessary risks with our clients’ money. And although risk cannot be avoided, we will always look to achieve your objective with the minimum risk possible.
  • We will avoid complex products if at all possible. We are firm believers that some of the best products are the simplest. If we can meet your requirements using simple products we will.
  • Costs play are an important factor in investment success so we are mindful to keep these as low as possible. Again we will avoid complex and costly products if a simple suitable alternative can be found.
  • Minimizing tax is another factor that will influence investment performance. We therefore look to ensure that you utilise those products which are tax efficient before we look at other options.

We strongly believe in educating our clients to help them understand how and where their money is invested. By working together we aim to achieve the right results and avoid any nasty surprises.

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