SRC Wealth Management | a Chartered Financial Planning company that provides specialist advice on defined benefit pension transfers

A company built on the principle of putting people first

Financial advice does not need to be complicated, in fact we’ve found that some of the best solutions are often the most simple.

That’s not to say that every situation we deal with has an easy answer, but we always start with that principle in mind.

SRC Wealth Management is a trading style of SRC Financial Services Limited which was founded in 2001 by managing director Simon Torry.

Simon has worked in the financial services world since 1988, and has built up a vast wealth of knowledge and experience during that time.

He was one of the first advisers in the UK to achieve Chartered status and more recently in 2016, was elected a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

The focus of the wealth management team is primarily on assisting those people that are approaching retirement or have already retired. We are acutely aware that for many, this will be a particularly anxious period in their life, with lots of big decisions to be made – getting things wrong at this time is simply not an option.

If you’ve reached this point in your life where you feel you may benefit from some expert advice then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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