SRC Wealth Management | a Chartered Financial Planning company that provides specialist advice on defined benefit pension transfers

A simple four step process, which lets you stay in control

We deliver our advice using a simple four step process. At the end of each step it will be for you to decide whether to continue or not.

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting with you will normally be held at one of our offices, although home visits may be possible in certain situations.

To ensure you are properly prepared we’ll send you a leaflet, which explains what to expect and what to bring with you.

We like to keep our initial meetings relaxed and fairly high level, so please don’t worry if you can’t lay your hands on everything before you see us.

At the end of the meeting we will confirm whether we think we can help you. If we think that we can, we will send you a written proposal detailing what we can do and what it will cost.

Remember, the initial meeting is at our expense and you are under no obligation to use our services.

Step 2 – Financial Plan

Drafting your financial plan is a core element in our advice process and will involve:

  • Identifying your specific financial objectives
  • Identifying your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss
  • Reviewing your existing plans and investments
  • Identifying any shortfalls or surpluses in your plans
  • Making provider/product recommendations as appropriate

Only when we have a detailed understanding of current position, will we be able to advise you on a suitable course of action.

You will receive a written report detailing our advice. We will also arrange a follow up meeting to explain what we have recommended.

Step 3 – Implementation

If our recommendations involve the purchase of financial products then this is something we can arrange for you. We will liaise with the product providers to ensure that everything is arranged as we have recommended.

Step 4 – Ongoing Advice

We will normally recommend that we keep your financial plan under regular review to ensure that things remain on track to meet your objectives. We will provide you with regular updates and will meet with you at least annually.

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